USE CASE: Trusted By Professionals
The telco market is constantly evolving, with innovation and speed always top of mind. A telco services provider knew for these very reasons, an eCommerce re-platform was more crucial than ever.

With a strong commitment to providing a standout customer experience and helping customers get the most out of mobile connectivity, the company trusted Broadleaf Commerce.


Advancing in the telco space comes down to technology. A leading global telecommunications provider needed to replace an aging legacy solution. The move had to be to an eCommerce solution made to be customized with openness in mind to ensure future innovation would never be stifled.


  • Aging legacy platform
  • Complex market requirements
  • Advanced subscription and pricing modules
The new platform needed to be a proven solution which could easily grasp the complexity of the telco market with advanced subscription and complex pricing modules. After careful consideration, Broadleaf Commerce was trusted with the re-platform initiative.


Looking to the future, the Broadleaf Commerce Unified solution was chosen. The open architecture framework makes innovation and development simple to deploy. The telco services provider also leveraged PIM, CMS, OMS, Commerce with the new full stack platform.


  • Broadleaf Unified Commerce Solution
  • PIM, CMS, OMS, Commerce
  • Easier first- and third-party integration
Broadleaf allowed for easier first- and third-party integrations and was successful in a full legacy replacement with precise customizations around enhanced subscription and pricing.


Implementing the Broadleaf solution, the company has seen an increase in customer satisfaction, as well as subscription renewals. Enjoying a lower licensing and hardware cost, as well as streamlined processes throughout the customer journey, the telco services provider is easily able to scale and remain future-proof and competitive in the telco market.


  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Lower licensing and hardware cost
  • Streamlined Unified processes
Being positioned to easily meet CX expectations to come in the telco industry makes future projects are more exciting than daunting. “The customer journey has never been easier to manage and innovate,” said Brad Buhl, CRO at Broadleaf Commerce, “The sky is the limit for eCommerce aspirations and development customizations, especially in the telco space.”