Unified Commerce Solution

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Unified Commerce Solution

Connecting disparate channels through a cohesive experience goes beyond traditional Omnichannel, and even Multi-channel, solutions. Unified Commerce leverages a hub-and-spoke approach to your eCommerce solution, ensuring every consumer touchpoint is on-brand.

Providing customers with seamless experiences across channels requires modern technology to support a faster rate of change. Whether leveraging APIs for offers and promotions both online and in-store, pulling catalog data through native mobile apps connected to an online PIM, or empowering CSRs with a consolidated view of the customer, Broadleaf's Unified Commerce Solution enables you to deploy on your terms.

Broadleaf's microservice-based commerce framework provides the features, but more importantly the technology, to enable unified commerce. Because unified commerce is not a destination, but a process.

Unified Solution


Customer Journey Juggernaut

Interacting with your brand should be seamless across the entire customer journey.

Creating a seamless, unified solution requires technology able to integrate legacy systems while anticipating future needs. Broadleaf's microservice-based framework is designed for both.

Is your commerce solution ready for whatever's down the road?

Hy-Per (Highly Personal)

Providing next-level personalization requires a truly adaptable commerce solution.

Broadleaf is built to adapt to any input at any time by leveraging granular data that enables personalization. No longer are your efforts confined to a single channel.

Break down the barriers blocking highly personalized experiences.

Integration Innovation

Your commerce solution will work where it's needed and enable unification through integration.

Integrate to legacy or future systems across Broadleaf's application, APIs, or back-end Admin layers. Why not deploy the services you need while integrating wherever you want?

Because sometimes enabling commerce innovation is just an integration away.



Finding the right part to fit your vehicle at a store location near you should be easy to do. The complexity comes in mapping vehicle fitment to inventory availability in a sub-second experience for the customer.

O’Reilly Auto Parts faces complex eCommerce challenges daily, with millions of catalog items offered by more than 5,000 stores. Ultimately, leveraging unified commerce would be a smoother ride for the long haul.

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O'Reilly Case Study

Other Success Stories

Precision Marketing

With just a few clicks, marketing teams can create bundled offers, BOGO promotions, end-of-season sales, on-site advertising, in-cart messages, generate unique offer codes, and design customer loyalty program incentives.

  • Personalize the customer experience and improve conversions with targeted content, bundled offers, and promotional messages.
  • Enable teams to create customer segments based on location, date, customer segment, cart-contents, total spend, and more using Broadleaf's powerful rules engine.
  • Designed to support traffic spikes and high-volume transactions, approach flash sales, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday with confidence.
Admin Tablet

Merchandising Features

Manage cross-channel merchandising concerns.
  • Location specific inventory to support cross-channel orders
  • Easily manage store or regional product pricing overrides
  • Provide regional or channel specific catalog variances without duplicating catalog management efforts

Order Lifecycle Management (OLM)

Maintain visibility post-sale and outfit customer service representative (CSR) teams with tools to track order history, fulfillment, blocked orders, fraud alerts, issue customer credits, and more.
  • Streamline order processes and provide post-sale transparency with robust order search mechanisms.
  • Push order updates, trigger alerts for shipping notifications, and integrate the system with customer relationship management (CRM) tools, including SalesForce.
  • Easily integrate with warehouse and fulfillment systems to provide an accurate view of the order, split orders, and coordinate RMA processes.
  • Provide customers with self-service capabilities, including cancellations and product returns.