Unified Commerce

Deliver Personalized Commerce, Everywhere.

Innovate across every channel by providing a seamless customer journey with Broadleaf's Unified Commerce solution, the next generation of omnichannel.


Innovate Every Commerce Interaction

Anticipate customer needs

Create a seamless, unified customer experience across any and every commerce channel. Remove consumer headaches with the capability to merge online with brick-and-mortar.


Personalize the experience

Give your customers a personalized shopping experience that increases retention and loyalty.

Replace only what you need

The future of commerce is truly composable with Broadleaf's application, APIs, and back-end Admin.


Broadleaf in Use


Making Cruise Control Out Of Complexity

Finding the right part to fit your vehicle at a store location near you should be easy to do. The complexity comes in mapping vehicle fitment to inventory availability in a sub-second experience for the customer.

O’Reilly Auto Parts faces complex eCommerce challenges daily, with millions of catalog items offered by more than 5,000 stores. Ultimately, leveraging unified commerce would be a smoother ride for the long haul.

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Target offers and Promos

Personalize the customer experience and improve conversions with targeted content, bundled offers, and promotional messages. Enable your team to create customer segments based on location, date, cart-contents, total spend, and more using Broadleaf's powerful rules engine.


Merchandise with Ease

Sell across multiple channels with built-in merchandising features. Easily manage store or regional product pricing overrides. Provide regional or channel-specific catalog variations without duplicating catalog management efforts.


Optimize Order Fulfilment

Streamline order lifecycle management (OLM) and provide post-sale transparency with robust order search mechanisms. Easily integrate with CRM tools, warehouse, and fulfillment systems, and provide customers with self-service capabilities.