Subscriptions & Entitlements

High-volume recurring billing with multi-channel entitlements


Incent Customers
with Promotions

Intuitively manage complex promotion and discounting rules with features such as:

  • Free trials
  • First Month Free, Second Month Free
  • Percent-off/amount-off discounts
  • Discounts for specific time periods
  • Personalized offers

Reduce Churn and Increase Conversions

Limit customer friction with personal messaging and individual subscription billing.

  • Optimize retries and retry schedules with dunning rules set by product
  • "Bump-up" rules for expired cards, leading to higher conversions
  • Update stored cards from data provided by payment gateway account updater services
  • Notify other systems of key failures to facilitate personalized messaging
  • Tokenized credit card solution reduces PCI exposure

Facilitate Customer Satisfaction

Bolster customer retention and service with subscription self-management and CSR features such as:

  • View/search subscriptions
  • Cancel subscription starting with next charge
  • Cancel subscription with refund based on grace period rules
  • Pause/resume subscription

Manage Digital Entitlements

Ensure current customers view the content they have subscribed to through any channel.

  • Out-of-box integration with Broadleaf's Entitlement Microservice
  • Grant entitlements based on successful changes
  • Revoke entitlements for failed charges
  • Send messages for non-digital fulfillment scenarios

Access Anywhere

Deploy your entitlement services and enable access across web browsers, native mobile apps, or any connected device with features including:

  • Independently scalable for high-performance needs
  • APIs to add, revoke, or clone entitlements
  • Support various entitlement types (e.g. user-based or app store-based)

Distribute Everywhere

Centralized management to automatically permit or deny entitlement access based on a variety of conditions through any channel.

  • Grant entitlements based on successful charges
  • Revoke entitlements for failed charges
  • Manage "free to use" or trial period entitlements
  • Support for configurable and customizable expiration date logic
  • Control access for personalized consumption

Leverage Integrations

Combined with Broadleaf’s Subscription Microservices, user entitlements help up- and cross-sell activities across channels and services.

  • Full support and integration with Broadleaf Subscription and Catalog Microservices
  • Integrate with third-party Digital Rights Management (DRM)
  • Centrally manage digital entitlements with Broadleaf’s admin console
  • Integration support for third-party app stores like Apple, Google Play, and Amazon