Turbocharge the customer experience.

Requiring technology with a bit of horsepower, Broadleaf handles the complexities of automotive fitment, evolving catalogs, layered offers and promos, and changing consumer expectations.

Broadleaf Commerce provides software for sellers, optimized not only to deliver exceptional customer experiences but also efficiently and effectively handling Merchandisers, Marketers, Sales Agents, Customer Service, Account, and Site Management needs.


Fitment Focused

Fitment information drives notoriously complex data needs across part catalogs.

Understanding the application of year, make, model and engine (YMME) across the entire Commerce catalog, Broadleaf is ready to scale when you are.

Fully Automatic

Schedule jobs and events using Broadleaf to automate everything from system integration to website deployments.

Merchandisers, Marketers, and Developers love using Broadleaf to automate, integrate, and ultimately control the work they want to do when they want to do it.

Made for Service

Whether purchasing for performance or necessity, Automotive customers demand a high level of service in a competitive market.

Enabling the right mix of self-service, CSR assistance and field sales support, Broadleaf is built to handle both front-end and back-end business processes.



Finding the right part to fit your vehicle at a store location near you should be easy to do. The complexity comes in mapping vehicle fitment to inventory availability in a sub-second experience for the customer.

O’Reilly Auto Parts faces complex eCommerce challenges daily, with millions of catalog items offered by more than 5,000 stores. Ultimately, leveraging unified commerce would be a smoother ride for the long haul.

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Premium Catalog Management

Built to handle the most rigorous catalog management needs, Broadleaf includes:

  • Product management including hierarchical and multi-catalog management
  • Product composition, assortment, and bundling capabilities
  • Asset management with image effects
  • Import and export capabilities with the ability to work through spreadsheets
  • Category, menu, taxonomy, and SEO management
  • Pricing, Offers, Promos, and Inventory management

Centralized Control

Broadleaf's consolidated codebase saves time and streamlines changes by letting you deploy single solutions across all sites from one centralized hub. Features include:

  • Live, inline editing of metadata within existing forms for authenticated admin users
  • Modify or override existing component configurations
  • Responds to the latest metadata changes without requiring client-side deployment
  • Use metadata to give your old services new life
  • Manage discrete bounded contexts from a centralized admin console

Configurable Workflows

Essential areas in the eCommerce lifecycle are represented as configurable workflows. With Checkout, pricing, and cart operations, you have full control. Including areas such as:

  • Pricing and checkout overrides
  • Allowing manipulation of module order
  • Behavior and custom execution


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