Marketplace eCommerce

The Future of Marketplaces: Microservices for the win.

Extend your reach by offering higher quality services with Broadleaf's marketplace solution that is built on microservices.


The Broadleaf Difference


Human Centered Experience

Put customers at the heart of the experience (CX) with a modern marketplace. From searching to shipping, retain customer loyalty with ease.

Marketplace Management Made Easy

The most efficient way to manage and grow your e-commerce marketplace. Support your sellers anywhere, anytime - all from a single platform!

Expand revenue streams

Introduce new products and services to your customers so they can grow their revenue across channels and markets.


Broadleaf in Use


Vendor Viability Vehicle

Finding the technological and logistical requirements to successfully build and manage a marketplace capable of scaling across geographies is an intricate challenge. Hundreds of sellers, customers, and products create a level of complexity many eCommerce solutions simply cannot handle.

DubaiStore, built on Broadleaf Commerce’s future fierce framework, empowers each one of the hundreds of vendors to competitively market products 24/7/365, without limitation as the marketplace continues to grow.

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Comprehensive and Secure Catalog Management

Give your sellers the tools they need to offer their products in an efficient way. Allow catalog changes and update approval requirements for ultimate control of product information, pricing data as well as inventory management all from one easy-to-use and secure platform.


Order Management Simplified

Enable customers to shop across multiple vendors and provide a secure vendor portal for sellers to manage orders and catalog data from a single admin. Integrate directly with your largest vendors while providing online tools and basic features for thousands of smaller sellers.


Streamlined Seller On-Boarding

Integration with sellers is easy, extensible, and flexible. We provide a centralized management platform for importing products, customizations, and completing the most complex custom integrations.