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Finding the technological and logistical requirements to successfully build and manage a marketplace capable of scaling across geographies is an intricate challenge. Hundreds of sellers, customers, and products create a level of complexity many eCommerce solutions simply cannot handle.

DubaiStore, built on Broadleaf Commerce’s future fierce framework, empowers each one of the hundreds of vendors to competitively market products 24/7/365, without limitation as the marketplace continues to grow.

The Challenge

Providing a quality marketplace boils down to technology. Digital Economy Solutions desired to build an Amazon-style marketplace for the UAE. Growing vendor and catalog size needs required a solution capable of providing multi-vendor scalability.

Key Challenges

  • Marketplace management of hundreds of vendors
  • Site provisioning for each vendor
  • Integrated customer experience through browse and checkout
Dubai Store Challenge
Hundreds of vendors each require the ability to set up and manage their own stores pulling from a larger, combined product catalog. Supporting right-to-left templates, multiple payment options, catalog hierarchies, and the Arabic language were also vital to the new marketplace.

The Broadleaf Solution

Building with future-ready technology, the Broadleaf Marketplace and Multi-Site solutions were combined to provide the framework necessary to handle the complexity that comes with custom vendor onboarding processes. Customizations were made to support integrations to custom shipping and payment gateways and to integrate with other DES systems.

How We Solved it Better

  • Broadleaf Marketplace Commerce Solution
  • CMS, OMS, and Search
  • PIM, Cart and Checkout feature sets
Dubai Store Solution
Broadleaf Marketplace & Multi-Site solution provided necessary framework for custom vendor onboarding processes. The platform allowed for multiple vendor sites to be created, as well as cross-vendor shopping experience on the marketplace. Broadleaf’s single codebase/schema allowed for greater scalability.

The Business Impact

Following the implementation, the framework seamlessly handled the onboarding and management of hundreds of vendors. Through the Broadleaf Commerce Multi-Site capabilities, DubaiStore has extensive site provisioning for each vendor, the ability to create multiple vendor sites, and supports cross-vendor shopping experiences.

New Possibilities via Broadleaf

  • Hundreds of vendors seamlessly onboarded
  • Vendor owned websites, as well as Marketplace listings
  • Highly customizable and scalable platform for future innovation
Dubai Store Results
“Within 6 months of going live, has onboarded a large number of vendors on their marketplace; each of whom have access to their own branded site to sell their own goods and services in addition to their Marketplace product listings,” stated Brad Buhl, CRO at Broadleaf Commerce. “The ability for vendors to not only have a curated Marketplace presence but also their own branded site is an innovative offering which brings immediate value to a vendor-partner relationship which we’re delighted to serve as the underlying platform!”