B2B eCommerce Solution

Outpace the Competition

B2B eCommerce Solution

Meeting customers where they are takes a commerce solution that embraces complexity.

Your B2B eCommerce Solution should equip a field sales agent's view of the customer, enhance account-based online ordering, and enable innovation to eclipse the competition.

Embracing complexity means not only handling organizational and system challenges but also proving value along the way. With Broadleaf, you can take an iterative approach, getting to market quicker, and providing a better time to value.

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Ace Account Management

Navigating account hierarchies, purchase authority and approval processes provides the basis of a capable B2B eCommerce Solution.

Higher-level account management includes quote processes, customer requests without a SKU, and complicated pricing that ensures the best value across contracts, bundles, offers, promotions, and location-based scenarios.

Are you ready to deliver more than your accounts expect online?

Maintain a Progressive Pace

Establishing a competitive position means setting the pace.

Deploying a cookie-cutter commerce solution keeps up at best. With Broadleaf, your eCommerce solution is uniquely yours, ready to progressively perform beyond the bare minimum.

Because B2B eCommerce is not a destination, but an ongoing relationship.

Calm The Complexity of B2B

Handling B2B challenges can be simple, but not all complexities have to be simplified.

While many B2B solutions promise a fast time-to-market and out-of-box integrations, few are ready for true organizational and system complexity both now and in the future.

Modern solutions embrace the best fit for each situation.


Commerce in the Fast Lane

Exclusively providing for an expansive list of top auto brands and developing the industry’s most complete network of independently-owned dealerships means a leading Auto Manufacturer is always firing on all cylinders.

This auto leader needed an eCommerce solution that could handle the load already demanded as well as the growth to come, the choice was a microservices-based solution with Broadleaf Commerce.

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Auto Manufacturer

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Powerful Ordering and Quote Process

Expedite B2B order processes and allow sales representatives to accelerate sales cycles. Additionally, Broadleaf makes it easy to boost conversions by instantly connecting clients with the products they purchase most.
  • Negotiate complex orders with an automated 2-way quoting process.
  • Speed ordering for clients with the ability to reorder from a list or previous order.
  • Provide quick order entry for bulk ordering.
Powerful Ordering

Account Management

Create/Import accounts and organize within your system to expedite business processes. Additionally, the Broadleaf B2B Solution provides the ability to enable giving clients the freedom to purchase 24/7.
  • Ability to set up account hierarchies.
  • Enable accounts to self-serve to create users for their accounts with permissions to make or approve purchases with limits.
Ace Account Management

Account-Specific Catalogs and Pricing

Capable of handling complex account settings, the system makes it easy for you to tailor site experiences based on the individual client.
  • Powerful price controls can support formula based contract pricing for clients.
  • Assign contract pricing and surface account-specific products.
  • Provide accounts with specific catalog assortments.
Account-Specific Catalogs and Pricing

Customization and System Integration

Uniquely designed with highly configurable out-of-box features and a fully extensible framework Broadleaf conforms to your operational needs.
  • Broadleaf is built for customization with over 1,000 customizable components.
  • Provide suppliers with portals for inventory, catalog, and order management.
  • Directly integrate with 1st party and 3rd party systems.
Customization and System Integration

B2C Features

The B2B Solution comes with all of the features from the Broadleaf B2C digital experience platform, with the ability to curate user-specific browsing experiences.
  • Organize products into categories with dynamic search facets and boost results based on flexible relevancy rules.
  • Create customer segments and deliver personalized experiences based on an unlimited number of stackable parameters including geography, site searches, order history, items in cart, loyalty status, order totals, dates, times, currency, and more.
  • Define content zones and assign rules for rendering custom landing pages, offers, promotions, content items, media assets, ad spots, offers, associated products, in-cart messages, and more.
B2C Features