Telecom eCommerce: A unified approach to staying connected

Broadleaf Commerce for Telecommunications

Connecting customers around the world require speed, efficiency, and the ability to evolve with the needs of the market on a dime. In the business of connection, a premium customer experience is more than a stand-out feature - it is expected.

Telco & Media companies everywhere are keeping their edge by leveraging commerce platforms with architecture capable of scaling in any direction. Broadleaf Commerce microservice-based framework is chosen time and again to stay ahead of the curve.


Conhesive Connection

Create a comprehensive media experience through subscription access through any channel.

Customer Freedom

Bolster customer retention and automony and service with subscription self-management and CSR features.

Manage Complexity

Nuture your customer base by intuitively managing complex promotion and discounting rules.



The telco market is constantly evolving, with innovation and speed always top of mind. A Telco Company knew for these very reasons, an eCommerce re-platform was more crucial than ever.

With a strong commitment to providing a standout customer experience and helping customers get the most out of mobile connectivity, the company trusted Broadleaf Commerce.
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Expansive Entitlements & Endless APIs

Deploy your entitlement services and allow access across web browsers, native mobile apps, or any connected device. Broadleaf provides over 1,000 API endpoints each backed by completely customizable Java and Spring components. These extremely customizable APIs:

  • Scalable for high-performance needs
  • Establish various entitlement types
  • Rich, cohesive experience for backend users
  • Independently maintainable microservices
  • Over 30 independently deployable and scalable bounded contexts
  • OAUTH-2 with extensions to support customer-owned data

Host Where You Want

Broadleaf offers a variety of hosting options, allowing your business to outsource or insource as much or as little of your Commerce platform as you see fit on an ongoing basis. Broadleaf hosting options include:

  • Hosting Broadleaf on your own, with Broadleaf providing assistance if deploying to a popular cloud platform such as GCP, AWS or Azure
  • Leveraging Broadleaf for Application Management, where Broadleaf guarantees Application uptime, providing monitoring and management of your Broadleaf Application on top of your designated infrastructure
  • Fully outsourcing to Broadleaf leveraging our Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) offering in monitoring and managing the entire Infrastructure and Application

Timeless Technology

Designed to stand the test of time and integrations, Broadleaf leverages cutting edge technologies across the entire framework:

  • Core technologies of Java, Spring Boot, and Spring Cloud
  • Container technologies, including Docker and Kubernetes
  • Presentation technologies including Vue.js, React, and Angular
  • Messaging technologies including SQS, Kafka, and Google Pub/Sub
  • Modern SDLC paradigms, including CICD


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