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The telco market is constantly evolving, with innovation and speed always top of mind. A Telco Company knew for these very reasons, an eCommerce re-platform was more crucial than ever.

With a strong commitment to providing a standout customer experience and helping customers get the most out of mobile connectivity, the company trusted Broadleaf Commerce.

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Expansive Entitlements & Endless APIs

Deploy your entitlement services and allow access across web browsers, native mobile apps, or any connected device. Broadleaf provides over 1,000 API endpoints each backed by completely customizable Java and Spring components. These extremely customizable APIs:

  • Scalable for high-performance needs
  • Establish various entitlement types
  • Rich, cohesive experience for backend users
  • Independently maintainable microservices
  • Over 30 independently deployable and scalable bounded contexts
  • OAUTH-2 with extensions to support customer-owned data

Client Cloud Choices

Broadleaf offers a variety of hosting options, allowing your business to outsource or insource as much or as little of your Commerce platform as you see fit on an ongoing basis. Broadleaf hosting options include:

  • Hosting Broadleaf on your own, with Broadleaf providing assistance if deploying to a popular cloud platform such as GCP, AWS or Azure
  • Leveraging Broadleaf for Application Management, where Broadleaf guarantees Application uptime, providing monitoring and management of your Broadleaf Application on top of your designated infrastructure
  • Fully outsourcing to Broadleaf leveraging our Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) offering in monitoring and managing the entire Infrastructure and Application

Mobile Merchandising Mastery

Provide mobile plans and upgrades for your customers seamlessly with Broadleaf's built-in merchandising feature set. From offers and promos to configurable bundles, your telecom business can effortlessly boast:

  • Rule-based item selection
  • Quantity range based bundles
  • Product variants for colors and sizes
  • Selector product functions to upsell relationships
  • Product Add-On capabilities
  • Priced bundles to group services and products together

Pricing & Promotion Power

With the industry's most powerful rules-based engine, Broadleaf lets you target offers based on items, orders, devices, and geography. In just a matter of clicks, create offers from scratch or combine existing conditions and sub-conditions to craft your promotion. Broadleaf's out of box features you can leverage include:

  • Price List Management
  • Contract Management
  • Promo Codes
  • Personalized Ad Targeting
  • Offers and Discounts

Cart & Checkout Capabilities

Maximize your brand experience with Broadleaf's Microservice-based cart and checkout. Use out-of-box cart operations or build compositional services to make it your own. Dependencies and options already included are:

  • Catalog in order to take in SKU and associated product data
  • Pricing with considerations of all aspects across price lists, geographic, and contract pricing
  • Promos at a segment or individual level, with a rich rule set
  • Cart for housing all items in their basket
  • Limitless UX possibilities with checkout flows across separate desktops, mobile, and multiple pages
  • Marketing messages and recommendations at checkout
  • Customer and account-specific rules and options for account hierarchy, contract, and personalization requirements