The backbone of your microservice-based commerce

Critical for companies who want control over performance, security, custom development, and integrations, Broadleaf’s eCommerce Framework allows you to create a solution that best fits your business needs.



Access To Source

Troubleshoot application development, integrations, and support without getting stuck outside a black box.

Extensible Everywhere

From the application to the APIs and even the Admin console, Broadleaf’s extension patterns make Broadleaf yours.

Built for Complexity

Model technical or organizational complexity into your solution without sacrificing performance or management capabilities.

Transparency as a Practice

Based on Java and Spring, Broadleaf has a solid history of leveraging well known open technologies, as well as providing source to licensed clients. Supporting a variety of database platforms across multiple deployment options while staying compatible with any presentation tier technology, Broadleaf gives you all the control as you want.

  • Access to Broadleaf source for licensed clients
  • Leveraging open-source toolsets including Java, Spring, and SOLR
  • Ability to deploy to any environment (cloud or on-prem) desired
  • Supporting a variety of database options
  • Integrated through any front-end tech with our OpenAPIs

Microservices Tech Stack

Customization as a Feature

Industry-leading capabilities are included in the box, but Broadleaf’s capabilities beyond the box make us truly special. Extensibility is built-in at the application, API, and admin console layers. There’s no reason to change the Broadleaf core code in order to customize Broadleaf!

  • Augmentations are available directly within Broadleaf’s Admin console
  • Entities are extensible, including new fields, tables, and relationships
  • Repositories can be augmented or overridden
  • Services allow for custom business logic and external system integration
  • Mapping is configurable, including the ability to augment to any database provider
  • Endpoints and Message Channels receive JSON payloads to send to the service layer

Customize Anything

Sophistication as a Standard

Technical and organizational complexity is better accounted for in modern eCommerce solutions, rather than worked around. With Broadleaf’s eCommerce Framework, you’re never stuck in a rigid product pattern, out-of-box (only) integration, or shared infrastructure. You have the power to adapt Broadleaf to meet your business needs, not vice versa.

  • Adapt Broadleaf Domains to meet the data complexities you need to at scale
  • Build your own APIs in addition to ours, to integrate your way
  • Leverage our Hierarchical Data Management across multi-tiered catalog scenarios
  • Ensure cross-team collaboration through our sandboxing and deployment workflows
  • Determine your own deployment plan with our cloud-native and cloud-agnostic microservices

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