Broadleaf Commerce for Manufacturers

Commerce to banish the bottlenecks of growth.

Manufacturing makes the world go around. Broadleaf Commerce aims to help manufacturers conquer the complexities of the industry while enabling a premium customer experience.

From auto parts to medical testing supplies, Broadleaf has an extensive background in providing a framework capable of the most intricate use cases.


Branded Relationships

Build solid customer relationships regardless of their size with Account-based catalog, pricing and even site control.

Whether running eProcurement or eCommerce, Broadleaf can be used for account-based branding, targeted content, personalized promotions, contracted catalogs, and integrated customer systems.

Fully Integrated

Legacy solutions typically store master records and mass data while being notoriously difficult when it comes to integration.

Broadleaf was made to handle complex integrations, with an extensible architecture that lets you decide where and how you want to manage data.

Lead the Way

Rather than keeping up with your competition, why not lead the way?

Broadleaf’s modular features and open architecture mean you’re not only ready with our out-of-box capabilities, you’re also ready to innovate in the future with whatever you find outside the box.


Commerce in the Fast Lane

Exclusively providing for an expansive list of top auto brands and developing the industry’s most complete network of independently-owned dealerships means a leading Auto Manufacturer is always firing on all cylinders.

This auto leader needed an eCommerce solution that could handle the load already demanded as well as the growth to come, the choice was a microservices-based solution with Broadleaf Commerce.

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Auto Manufacturer

Stay Ahead of Your Customers

Our microservices work together to contribute additional features that further improve each domain, including:

  • Powerful price controls can support formula-based contract pricing for clients
  • Full control across Internationalization and regional concerns
  • Administer accounts with customer-specific catalog assortments

Enterprise PIM with Extras

Broadleaf's PIM offering is powered by microservices, enabling features such as:

  • Extensibility at the application, API, and Admin console layers
  • Hierarchical data management, tenancy and application discrimination
  • Rich taxonomy, with deep category hierarchies and multiple parent-child relationships
  • Solid search features, with the ability to swap out Search capabilities as needed

Set Your Own Pace

Completely overhaul legacy solutions or replace at your pace with the option to iteratively add white label sites and new customizations, including but not limited to:

  • Developments available immediately within the Broadleaf Admin
  • Expandable entities, including new fields, tables, and relationships
  • Custom business logic and external system integration


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