B2B eCommerce

Create Best-in-Class Buying Experiences

Master B2B eCommerce while providing customers B2C level experiences. Accelerate innovation and time to value for your business with Broadleaf.


The Broadleaf Difference

Simplify B2B Complexity

Eliminate confusion through account management around accounts, hierarchies, purchase capabilities, contract pricing, and custom B2B catalogs.


Activate Your Sales Team

Provide your team with the tools needed to make the sales process simple and free time for more focus in the field.

Streamline B2B Processes

Reduce friction and increase profits with an eCommerce solution built to keep maintenance simple and fast.


Broadleaf in Use


Commerce in the Fast Lane

Exclusively providing for an expansive list of top auto brands and developing the industry’s most complete network of independently-owned dealerships means a leading Auto Manufacturer is always firing on all cylinders.

This auto leader needed an eCommerce solution that could handle the load already demanded as well as the growth to come, the choice was a microservices-based solution with Broadleaf Commerce.

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Ordering and Quote Process

Expedite B2B order processes and accelerate sales cycles. Boost conversions by connecting clients with the products they purchase most, an automated 2-way quoting process, reorder from a list or previous order, as well as quick order entry for bulk ordering.


Account Management

Expedite business processes with the ability to create corporate accounts. Give clients the freedom to purchase 24/7, set up account hierarchies, and enable accounts to self-serve with permissions to make or approve purchases with limits.


Account-Specific Catalogs and Pricing

Tailor site experiences based on the individual client. Provide accounts with specific catalog assortments, formula-based contract pricing, and surface account-specific products.


Customization and System Integration

Seamlessly integrate with a fully extensible framework including over 1,000 customizable components. Provide suppliers with portals for inventory, catalog, and order management.


B2C Features

Don’t stop with B2B, enjoy built-in B2C features including dynamic search facets, customer segments, and personalized experiences. Target geography, site searches, order history, items in cart, loyalty status, and more.