Any customer. Anywhere. Any time

Target your customers with custom deals—including pricing, offers, and promotions—based on any criteria.


Offers & discounts

Target offers based on item(s), orders, devices, geography, and more. In just a matter of clicks, you can create offers from scratch, combine existing conditions and sub-conditions to craft a promotion, and decide whether offers can be combined or stacked. From BOGO to up-sell to personalized offers, there’s a solution to help you engage and convert.


Personalized ad targeting

Use our simple management interface to automate marketing messages and offers. Create granular offers linked to items in a customer’s cart, their loyalty status, the order total, the time of day, a product category, or any other data point you can imagine.


Promo codes

Create any promotion you want and attribute a promo code in just a few clicks. Set up a single promo code or generate a series of promo codes for one-time or multi-use.


Price list & contract management

Optimize your pricing strategy and engage customers with targeted pricing based on their geography, segment, account type, device, or other filters. Choose the pricing structure each contract user sees based on their profile, and then use our OpenAPIs to ensure contract prices stay in sync with your ERP or CRM.