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Broadleaf Commerce for Retail

Staying ahead in the retail industry requires not only charting new paths but also leveraging legacy investments. Enterprises can't afford to slow down, or stop, without a significant effect on operations and revenues.

With Broadleaf's suite of microservices, modular feature sets can replace sections of one legacy system at a time to tackle migration. The ability to focus on one piece of a system at a time means the transition to Broadleaf can be done while operating at full capacity.


First Class Customer Experience

Deliver a seamless and consistently enjoyable brand experience through the unification of omnichannel and personalization.

Utilize Broadleaf as a Headless Commerce solution integrated to your existing CMS and Native Mobile apps, or build your own custom front-end leveraging Broadleaf’s reference site implementation.

Zero Traffic Jams

Feel the thrill of traffic surges and online holidays without the anxiety of a potential outage.

Proven at scale, Broadleaf handles the most demanding Commerce scenarios with the greatest of ease.

Customer Focused Retention

Reward loyal customers with creative and thoughtful incentives.

Leverage Broadleaf Offers, Promos, Pricing, and Content Targeting to achieve hyper-personalization.



A leading nationwide retailer of medium to better-priced casual apparel for fashion-conscious young men and women with over 450 stores recognized the need for an eCommerce framework with extensive and customizable omnichannel capabilities.

With Broadleaf Commerce, omnichannel aspirations can scale to new heights, giving a customer experience unparalleled in the retail space. Deliver a seamless and consistently enjoyable brand experience through the unification of omnichannel and personalization.
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Ease of Use

Broadleaf makes software for sellers, focusing not only on enabling the best front-end experiences for your customers, but also the most intuitive, efficient, and effective Unified Admin in the industry.

We’re built to make Merchandises, Marketers, Field Sales, Customer Service, Application Developers, Account and Solution Manager jobs better every day.

Broadleaf Admin

Omni-channel and Unified Commerce features for Retailers

Target offers based on items, orders, devices, and geography. In just a matter of clicks, create offers from scratch or combine existing conditions and sub-conditions to craft your promotion.

Create bundled offers, end-of-season promotions, on-site advertising, in-cart messages, unique offer codes, and customer loyalty program incentives – with the ability to combine conditions and sub-conditions.

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Unified Order Management

Provide customer service representative (CSR) teams the total package in order management:

  • Streamline order processes and provide post-sale transparency with order search and management
  • Push order updates, trigger alerts for shipping notifications, and integrate with point of sale (POS), customer relationship management (CRM), warehouse and fulfillment systems
  • Shop on behalf of customers and provide CSR override capabilities to price, tax and shipping for price matching and next level customer service

Order Management

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