Retail solutions that sell themselves

Broadleaf makes software for sellers. Give your customers the best possible experiences - supported by the most intuitive, efficient and effective Unified Admin in the industry.


Broadleaf in Use


Composable Commerce is always in fashion

A leading nationwide retailer of medium to better–priced casual apparel for fashion–conscious young men and women with over 450 stores recognized the need for an eCommerce framework with extensive and customizable omnichannel capabilities.

With Broadleaf Commerce, omnichannel aspirations can scale to new heights, giving a customer experience unparalleled in the retail space.

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Ease of use: A collective relief

Customers aren’t the only ones who benefit from an easy-to-use microservices architecture. We’re here to make everyone’s job a little simpler—including merchandisers, marketers, field sales teams, customer service reps, developers, account teams, and solution managers.


Omni-channel and unified commerce: Experience matters

Broadleaf makes it easy to create exactly the promotions and offers you want—so your customers get exactly the experiences and deals they expect.

Seamlessly target offers based on items, orders, devices, or geography. Create offers from scratch in a matter of clicks—and combine existing conditions and sub-conditions to customize a promotion. With Broadleaf’s simple tools and powerful platform, you can design bundled offers, seasonal promotions, on-site advertising, in-cart messages, unique offer codes, or customer loyalty incentives.


Unified Order Management: A visible difference

Give your customer support and CSR teams complete visibility and control over order management—so they can deliver the best possible customer experience:

  • Streamline ordering processes
  • Ensure post-sale transparency with order search and management
  • Push order updates, trigger alerts for shipping notifications, and integrate with POS, CRM, warehouse, and fulfillment systems
  • Shop on customers’ behalf, and allow CSR to override prices, taxes, and shipping for price matching