Multi-Site Commerce Solution

Take Commerce to New Heights

Multi-Site eCommerce Platform

Managing multiple sites is just the beginning.

With Broadleaf, you can manage the experience for multiple brands with separate carts, catalogs, customers, and orders. You can even share features between one or more brands.

Why stop there?

Use our microservice-based framework to build your own multi-tenanted solution where clients can manage their own data and experience.

When we say multi-everything we mean it. Multi-language, multi-site, multi-catalog, multi-currency, and more.

Multi-Site Solution


Hierarchical Data Management

Expanding business means expanding the number and complexity of catalogs.

With our powerful data management tools, you can share data between applications and workflows, allowing for a shared master catalog along with application or client-specific catalogs.

Growth shouldn’t be a hassle.

Unified Admin Console

Context switching takes too much time.

Broadleaf’s Unified back-office Admin provides one place to manage all sites, channels, and store catalogs, content, and commerce.

Ensure you have the time to focus on what matters.

Consolidated Codebase

Deploying fixes and changes should always be a solution, never a problem.

Broadleaf's consolidated codebase saves time and streamlines changes by letting you deploy single solutions across all sites from one place rather than repeating the same process on each site.

Is your back-end equipped to support your front-end progress?



ICON Fitness is a collection of iconic brands in the fitness industry. As the company grew and took on more brands, growing pains became more common. They knew technology could help.

With Broadleaf Commerce they now manage their growing portfolio faster and easier than ever before. That means ICON gets in more reps on creating a competitive advantage every day.

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Streamlined Management

Simplify site management by supervising multiple sites from one centralized interface with Multi-Site Management.
  • Global admin users and brand-specific admin users can control what functions the user can access.
  • Set permissions for global, site, or brand-specific admin users to assign granular control of specific administrative functions.
  • Flexible product and catalog management with the ability to have site-specific products as well as the ability to have shared products with site-specific overrides.
Streamlined Management

Sell More

Marketing & Merchandising tools to manage offers and promotions with precision by targeting specific customers using purchase history as key indicators.
  • Boost conversions by utilizing sophisticated search facilities with facets and relevancy managed globally or at the site level.
  • Provide tailored browsing experiences with the ability to target content, promotions, pricing, and discounts to specific customer segments. - Customize themes with small variations between sites or fully customized user experiences for each site.
  • Target content, promotions, pricing, and discounts to specific customer segments.
Sell More

The Customer Experience

Create a uniquely tailored experience for all customers to improve sales opportunities.

  • Use customizable themes to apply small variations between sites or provide fully customized user experiences for each site.
  • Enable seamless shopping experiences by incorporating shared carts across sites, or maintain site-specific carts for exclusive brand management.
  • Sophisticated search facilities with facets and relevancy managed globally or at the site level.
Customer Experience