Marketplace Commerce Solution

Fulfilling Your Expectations

Marketplace eCommerce Solution

Uniting marketplace and eCommerce features across a single solution facilitates superior management across vendor, merchandiser, and customer relationships.

From vendor managed catalogs to merchandiser approved content to single cart customer checkout, Broadleaf's Marketplace eCommerce Solution controls them all.

Build your own enterprise-level, multi-vendor solution leveraging Broadleaf's microservice-based solution.

Marketplace Solution


Seamless CX

Providing a consistent Customer Experience (CX) on a modern Marketplace involves everything from searching to shipping.

Whether vendors compete for the "buy box" on a single product page or have discreet product pages with prominent branding, Broadleaf offers seamless shopping.

You only get one chance to make a good first impression.

Catalog Consistency

Importing catalog data is the first step of what can be a long Marketplace process.

Broadleaf's vendor portal allows for corporate merchandising workflows on top of vendor catalogs, in order to validate, preview, and publish changes.

Marketplace success begins and sometimes ends, with catalog consistency.


Marketplace solutions typically require a single cart with multiple distributors, sometimes offering an array of fulfillment options.

Handling fulfillment at the individual vendor or overall order level is a base requirement, enhanced with Broadleaf's integrated microservice-based framework.

From direct ship to cross-dock and drop ship, your Marketplace should not leave you unfulfilled.



Finding the technological and logistical requirements to successfully build and manage a marketplace capable of scaling across geographies is an intricate challenge. Hundreds of sellers, customers, and products create a level of complexity many eCommerce solutions simply cannot handle.

DubaiStore, built on Broadleaf Commerce’s future fierce framework, empowers each one of the hundreds of vendors to competitively market products 24/7/365, without limitation as the marketplace continues to grow.

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Marketplace Catalog Management

Marketplace makes it easy to provide your vendors with a secure portal where they can manage their product information, pricing, and inventory. Flexible architecture allows for direct integration with your largest vendors.
  • Allow vendor catalog changes to be immediately visible to customers or set review and approval requirements with Broadleaf’s Workflow and Approval system.
  • Select higher margin products using advanced Marketplace search capabilities to maximize ROI.
  • Easily set up cross-vendor promotions and bundles. - Organize vendor products with a shared taxonomy for product categorization.
Product Management

Marketplace Order Management

Enable customers to shop across multiple vendors and provide a vendor portal for merchants to manage orders and catalog data - all managed from a single administrative interface.
  • Split customer orders automatically across vendors, only allowing vendors to see the relevant data relevant
  • Enable marketplace customer service reps to have a full view into all of the orders passing through the system
  • Integrate directly with your largest vendors while providing online tools and basic features for your hundreds or thousands of smaller vendors
Order Management

Vendor On-Boarding

Integrate vendors into your Marketplace using the same extensible approach as the rest of Broadleaf, where every component can be extended or overridden to suit custom needs.
  • Expedite vendor on-boarding by auto-provisioning new vendors via the Broadleaf admin or REST APIs.
  • Setup default pricing strategies by vendor, category, or product attribute or manage marketplace prices directly for each product.
  • Centralize control and management, from importing products to completing the most complex custom integrations.
Vendor Onboarding