USE CASE: Trusted By Professionals
Delivering to millions daily is an essential service the public has depended on for centuries. For a European Postal Service company with over 11,500 branches with 170+ different products and services commerce is key.

Driven to always be there for customers, having to choose to either innovate or continue to operate should never be an option. The agency was saved from such a decision with Headless Commerce.


Requiring a headless solution capable of integration with CMS tool, Magnolia, the European Postal Service,saw quite a challenge. The option to undertake development or re-platform initiatives incrementally by using commerce as a service was crucial.


  • Need to integrate with Magnolia CMS
  • Develop and re-platform incrementally
  • Flexible framework needed to mix with multiple technologies
  • Postal Challenge
    Needing a platform to also possess the ability to mix technologies and deployment strategies, the platform chosen was the Broadleaf Commerce Headless solution.


    Providing core functionality and a more modular-based platform, the European Postal Service leveraged a Broadleaf Commerce Headless solution. The framework seamlessly handles a diverse catalog, selling many different items, from stamps to collectibles. With full access to source code, developers had the ability to add or replace any custom entity or service.


  • Broadleaf Headless Commerce Solution
  • Modular approach to re-platform
  • OMS, CMS, Search, Cart, and Checkout feature sets
  • Stamps
    In addition to Broadleaf’s Headless eCommerce solution, the company benefited from Multi-Store capabilities with all of the Omnichannel features Broadleaf has to offer, from buy online pickup in store (BOPIS) to order management processes fully integrated between the eShop and Point of Sale (POS).


    “We see many enterprise clients choosing a Headless solution in order to incrementally change their commerce platform.” stated Brad Buhl, CRO at Broadleaf Commerce. “The European Postal Service has taken their own best-of-breed approach with Broadleaf’s capabilities.”


  • Revenue growth through platform SEO
  • Omnichannel integrated solution
  • Tightly coupled with Magnolia CMS
  • Package Opening
    Broadleaf’s Headless solution allowed for the company to re-platform on the desired timeline, without sacrificing the availability to serve customers. “Our modular approach made the decision to change only what was needed to change for a best of breed solution possible,” said Brad Buhl, CRO, at Broadleaf Commerce. “Innovation with the robust Broadleaf API layer allows growth into any channel or integrate to any future technology.”