USE CASE: Trusted By Professionals
Inspiring millions to adopt healthy habits and weight management is no easy feat, but a Global Weight Loss and Wellness Company has been leading the industry globally for over 50 years.

Leveraging decades of experience, the company needed a platform to aid in building inspired communities to use their deep expertise in behavioral science to deliver wellness for all.


Presenting challenges for future growth, the need for an eCommerce re-platform was clear. The Global Weight Loss and Wellness Company desired a headless commerce solution with PIM,promotions, pricing, and cart APIs.


  • Headless Commerce solution with full PIM capabilities
  • Power web and native mobile experiences with strong APIs
  • Aging legacy platform
  • Global Wellness Challenge
    In addition to these features, the technology required the flexibility for the development and innovation of the company’s mobile app. After careful consideration, the company chose to implement Broadleaf Commerce’s proven Headless Commerce solution.


    Innovating for the future, the Broadleaf Headless solution provided ease of extensibility and Docker deployment capabilities for the Global Weight Loss and Wellness Company. Providing all of the necessary hooks for inbound and outbound integrations, Broadleaf helped Broadleaf helped continue to leverage legacy technical solutions.


  • eCommerce powering global websites & native apps
  • Product Information and Order Management integrated
  • Subscriptions, digital and physical goods purchases
  • Global Wellness Solution
    Broadleaf’s best-of-breed architecture ensured future innovation in any direction, allowing for the management of a single code base across a global network of sites and native mobile apps.


    Succeeding the launch of the new headless Global Weight Loss and Wellness Company framework with Broadleaf Commerce, positive increases were seen across the board. The company app saw a steady increase in downloads and active users. A significantly faster rate of application development was also seen, boosting CX for both web and mobile users, resulting in higher revenue month over month.


  • Increase in app users
  • Significantly faster rate of application development
  • Steady growth of online revenue
  • Global Wellness Results
    “Implementing the Broadleaf Headless solution has provided the tools and control needed to innovate and develop at a competitive pace,” said Brad Buhl, CRO at Broadleaf Commerce. “We are excited to make wellness and weight management both easier to access and as user friendly as possible for their customers.”