USE CASE: Trusted by Professionals

Leading the office supply distribution industry requires a commitment to small businesses and consumers. Through services such as printing, thousands of new products, tech services, , a global office retail company has become the go-to corporation for a wide variety of business needs.

With continued expansion as an established industry leader, this global office retailer needed an eCommerce framework capable of handling the complexities and future growth in store for the office retailer.


Providing businesses and consumers with a one-stop shop for any business need, a global office retailer faced a few challenges following expansive success which couldn’t be solved with an easy button. With over 5,000 separate B2B contract prices and complex account hierarchies, the need for a new eCommerce platform became apparent.


  • 5,000 separate B2B contract prices
  • $300 million in online revenue per annum
  • Complex account hierarchies
The global retailer made $300 million in online revenue per annum, thus requiring a flexible framework with the ability to handle a large enterprise and continue to scale with it. After careful consideration, the global office retailer chose to implement a Broadleaf Commerce solution.


Choosing to implement a Broadleaf B2B commerce solution, the global office retailer gained a horizontally scalable solution on less hardware. With Broadleaf Price Lists for contract pricing, catalog administrators have the ability provide alternate prices for the same Product/SKU.


  • Broadleaf Commerce B2B Solution
  • Broadleaf Price Lists
  • Account Management, Order Approval Flows, Quotes
Account hierarchies provided the account owner the ability to self manage organizations. In addition, the global office retailer leveraged Account Management, Order Approval Flows, Contract Pricing, Punchout, and Quotes to maximize the framework.


Leveraging the Broadleaf B2B solution, the global office retailer has seen streamlined practices with contracts and accounts, leading to quicker turn around on sales as well as meeting DEA/FDA compliance.


  • Merchandising PIM integrated to legacy solution
  • Iterative replacement of feature sets
  • API-centric approach for improved development
“We are proud to assist this global leader in office retail in providing the best customer experience possible through a best-of-breed platform,” said Brad Buhl, CRO of Broadleaf Commerce. “It is an honor to provide a key staple of their online business operations with businesses and consumers alike.”