USE CASE: Trusted By Professionals
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datacenterHawk is a leading “one-stop-shop” for IT professionals, consultants, data center operators, and investors to find data center and cloud solutions. With a vision of providing tools to data center customers and professionals across the U.S., datacenterHawk is known as the premier listing of data center spaces.
To realize this vision, datacenterHawk required an adaptive eCommerce framework scalable for future innovation.


Providing a multitude of data center and cloud solutions requires performant technology. Primary feature requirements included the ability to link potential data center customers with intuitive search across data center providers, vendors, and service professionals. datacenterHawk desired a search centric commerce solution with a tailored Admin experience.


  • Providing highly tailored, accurate search results
  • Real-time location-based, easily faceted data
  • Admin-integrated powerful reporting capabilities
datacenterHawk Challenge
The platform needed to provide site visitors with powerful search based on location, kilowatts available, market real-time data, and reporting capabilities. The site would be utilized to instantly connect brokers, providers, investors, and vendors with data center solutions, whether co-location, cloud, or site solutions.


Aiming to provide revolutionary offerings, datacenterHawk chose to leverage a Broadleaf B2B solution. Built with an open Admin structure allowing customers to search using modern technologies, Broadleaf enables search based on multiple variables such as location, and name.


  • Fully hosted Broadleaf B2B Commerce Solution
  • Powerful, performant search technology
  • Fully tailored, personalized Admin console
datacenterHawk Solution

The framework also provides hazard mapping, market research insights, and side-by-side comparison reports. The Broadleaf platform includes opening the Admin to be customer facing, allowing several types of service providers to manage in-house data center listings for datacenterHawk.


Breaking new ground with an eCommerce site, the solution provides reduced load times and highly tailored, accurate search results. Improving the overall customer experience while delivering unmatched search quality led to better discoverability, increased revenue, and customer satisfaction.


  • Modern Commerce platform for continuous innovation
  • Increased revenue and monetization options
  • Improved overall customer experience
datacenterHawk Results
“We have since added features to datacenterHawk’s suite and seen great results since implementing in 2015.” stated David Liggitt, President and CEO of datacenterHawk. “We are excited to see how we innovate with the platform in the future.”