USE CASE: Trusted by Professionals
Creating a fantastic beverage comes down to the equipment used to craft it. Whether at home or in the local restaurant, Bunn-O-Matic® is dedicated to providing dispensed beverage equipment across the globe.

Challenged by multiple sites with complex catalogs, it was time to innovate. Bunn-O-Matic® chose to trust Broadleaf Commerce to grow for what’s next.


Bunn-O-Matic realized a need to re-platform their eCommerce solution after scaling limitations with a legacy platform proved challenging to future growth.


  • Five-month window to go live
  • Complications replacing a legacy platform
  • Multiple complex sites and catalogs
Bunn Challenge
BUNN required a framework capable of seamlessly handling complexity across multiple sites and catalogs with different integrations and business rules. With a five month window to go live, BUNN decided to trust Broadleaf Commerce to provide a future-ready framework.


Providing an innovative platform within the desired timeline, Broadleaf Multi-Site solution was deployed on a single codebase in five months, as needed. Due to the limitless configuration capabilities, BUNN was able to utilize many former integrations and customizations with the new Broadleaf solution.


  • Broadleaf Multi-Site Commerce Solution
  • Former integrations and customizations utilized
  • Multi-Site Management Across B2B and B2C
Bunn Solution
Leveraging Broadleaf’s Multi-Site eCommerce solution, BUNN takes full advantage of global and site level permissions, site-level overrides for updates, and shared catalogs across sites / vendors, across both B2B and B2C.


Maximizing previous integrations with the powerful capabilities of the Multi-Site solution brought continuous environment improvement. With the addition of multiple site management from one centralized interface, BUNN has consolidated many arduous practices across commercial, home, and gourmet product lines.


  • Control with centralized admin
  • Consolidated arduous practices
  • Higher revenue across both B2B and B2C
Bunn Results
“Broadleaf has enabled us to excel in areas where we previously struggled,” said Keith Schoonover, SVP of Information Technology. “We can now continue to grow quickly with a platform that grows and evolves with us, which is essential to the success of our company.”