USE CASE: Trusted by Professionals

Changing how the agriculture supply chain works in Latin America, a B2B marketplace for restaurants and retailers allows producers of agro products to sell directly to retailers, food services, and other large consumers.

With Broadleaf Commerce, the B2B produce marketplace utilizes a multi-site, multi-geography, multi-language, multi-currency solution providing better prices and better savings optimizing logistics, losses, and intermediation fees.


Connecting local farmers in Latin America with restaurants and retailers inspired a B2B marketplace for restaurants and retailers to create a platform for local farmers to sell produce to customers. To realize this goal, the new site needed a grocery specific catalog domain across Latin American geographies.


  • Grocery specific catalog domain
  • Online platform for local farmers
  • Needed multiple sites with multiple catalogs
In addition, the eCommerce framework needed to provide and manage multiple sites, with multiple catalog overrides and payment methods specific per country. The B2B produce marketplace chose Broadleaf Commerce to bring their platform to life.


Delivering platform innovation through a single Multi-Site solution, features such as internationalization (i18n) and Order Management capabilities guarantee a best-of-breed customer experience (CX) across both front-end and back-end needs.


  • Broadleaf Multi-Site Commerce solution
  • Multi-Catalog, Multi-Currency, Multi-Language Capabilities
  • Single Code Base leveraging Open Technologies
With a single code base powering multi-catalog, multi-geography, multi-language, and multi-currency requirements leveraging popular open technologies such as Java, Spring, and Solr. The Broadleaf solution provides quicker time-to-value through rapid application development and deployment.


Uniting farmers and customers is more streamlined than ever for the B2B produce marketplace with the Broadleaf Multi-Site Commerce solution. Since launching the new platform, B2B produce marketplace has onboarded multiple Latin American countries onto the highly customized marketplace and has since seen a steady growth in revenue.


  • Streamlined system operations
  • Highly customized Multi-Site Platform
  • Steady growth of online revenue
“The extensive features the B2B produce marketplace utilizes with the multi-site solution has aided in achieving their vision,” said Brad Buhl, CRO at Broadleaf Commerce. “We are excited to help bring together local farmers, restaurants and retailers in ways that help countries throughout Latin America.”