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Getting Started Tutorials

The "Next Steps" in the Getting Started section are all basic tutorials that work with the Heat Clinic demo application provided as part of Broadleaf Commerce.

They are a great way to get ahold of some core fundamentals before diving into more complex tutorials. We've mirrored them here:

Configuration (What you need to do to get a real site running)

  • Load Data
    • Learn how to use your own database server and set up a clean slate for your products.
  • Customize the UI
    • Learn about the Broadleaf UI strategy and patterns
    • Customize key pieces of the Heat Clinic template and discover the Broadleaf Content Management System
  • Configure Checkout
    • Add a shipping partner
    • Configure taxes
    • Handle payments
  • Migration Notes
    • Ensure your security is set up properly
    • Configure emails

Customization (Some fun things to try out to get your feet wet)