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Customer Saved Payment Methods

Out of box, Broadleaf includes the ability to store a customer's payment methods for future and/or repeated use. The exact details of how the payment method is stored depends on your supported payment gateway, but the payment method data can be associated to a Customer via CustomerPayment domain objects.

From the context of their account, customers have the ability to add new saved credit cards and select a default card.

When checking out, customers have the opportunity to select a saved payment method or define a new payment method. At the time that a saved payment is chosen, the CustomerPayment data is copied into an OrderPayment. Once the final checkout stage is submitted, this OrderPayment is gathered from the cart and its data is passed to the payment gateway for authorization and collection.

If your payment gateway does not support customer saved payments or you simply wish to disable this functionality, set the saved.customer.payments.enabled system property to false. This can be done either through your site-side file or using the System Properties section of the admin interface.