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Table Related Entity Description
BLC_FIELD Field Represents the entity field (e.g., a Product field) on which to facet.
BLC_INDEX_FIELD IndexField Designates if the field will be searchable.
BLC_INDEX_FIELD_TYPE IndexFieldType Maps the entity field (e.g., a Product field) to an indexable field type (e.g., a Solr field) for faceting.
BLC_SEARCH_FACET SearchFacet Represents a search facet.
BLC_SEARCH_FACET_RANGE SearchFacetRange Designates a range of field values for faceting.
BLC_SEARCH_FACET_XREF RequiredFacetImpl Cross-references a required search facet to its dependent(s).
BLC_CAT_SEARCH_FACET_XREF CategorySearchFacet Cross-references a search facet that should be used for category browsing to a category.
BLC_CAT_SEARCH_FACET_EXCL_XREF CategoryExcludedSearchFacet Cross-references search facets that should be excluded from category browsing. Can be used to exclude a parent/ancestor category's search facet(s) from being used with a child/descendant category.
BLC_SEARCH_INTERCEPT SearchIntercept Represents a search redirect (i.e., an HTTP redirect triggered by a search term).
BLC_SEARCH_SYNONYM SearchSynonym Represents search synonym.
Table Related Entity Description
BLC_CATEGORY Category Represents a category.