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Simple Tax Provider

If your tax needs are simple, you can configure the simple tax module to provide a specific tax-rate for items based on the shipping address. You can specify a rate for specific postal-codes, cities, states, or countries.

SimpleTaxProvider Configuration

To configure your site to use SimpleTaxProvider, include the following bean definition within your Spring application context file.

<bean id="blSimpleTaxProvider" class="">
   <!-- Set properties for your specific tax configuration.  -->
<bean id="myTaxProviders" class="org.springframework.beans.factory.config.ListFactoryBean">
    <property name="sourceList">
            <ref bean="blSimpleTaxProvider" />
<bean class="org.broadleafcommerce.common.extensibility.context.merge.LateStageMergeBeanPostProcessor">
    <property name="collectionRef" value="myTaxProviders"/>
    <property name="targetRef" value="blTaxProviders"/>


In the following example, the SimpleTaxProvider is configured to charge 8.5% for addresses with postal-code 75033 and 75034. For other addresses in the state of Texas, the provider is configured to charge 8.25% sales tax.

<bean id="blSimpleTaxProvider" class="">
  <property name="itemPostalCodeTaxRateMap">
      <entry key="75033" value=".085" />
      <entry key="75034" value=".085" />
  <property name="itemStateTaxRateMap">
      <entry key="TX" value=".0825" />  

Other Properties

The simple tax provider supports the following properties. Only one rate will be applied for an item. The precedence is postal-code then city then state then country then default rate. When configuring cities, states, and countries, the value must be uppercase.

Property Description
defaultTaxRate A rate that would apply to every item in an order.
defaultFulfillmentGroupTaxRate Default rate to apply to shipping costs. Not typically used.
itemPostalCodeTaxRateMap A map of postal code to rate.
itemCityTaxRateMap A map of city to rate.
itemStateTaxRateMap A map of state to rate. System will match on the name or code.
itemCountryTaxRateMap A map of country to rate. System will match on name or code.
fulfillmentGroupPostalCodeTaxRateMap A map of postal code to rate.
fulfillmentGroupCityTaxRateMap A map of city to rate.
fulfillmentGroupStateTaxRateMap A map of state to rate.
fulfillmentGroupCountryTaxRateMap A map of country to rate.