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Table Java Docs Description
BLC_PAGE Page Represents a static html Page in Broadleaf.
BLC_PAGE_TEMPLATE PageTemplate Represents a Page template.
BLC_PAGE_FLD PageField Represents a Page Field.
BLC_PAGE_FLD_MAP - Maps a Page to a Field.
BLC_PAGE_RULE PageRule Represents a rule to be applied to a Page.
BLC_PAGE_RULE_MAP - Maps a Page to a Rule.
BLC_PAGE_ITEM_CRITERIA PageItemCriteria Represents a Page item criteria.
BLC_QUAL_CRIT_PAGE_XREF - Cross reference table that points to a Page item criteria.
Table Java Docs Description
BLC_ADMIN_USER AdminUser Represents an admin user.
BLC_SANDBOX SandBox Represents a sandbox.
BLC_LOCALE Locale Contains locale information, such as code and if it's default