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Admin Dialect Processors for Thymeleaf


The admin provides a dialect (blc-admin) that can be used to call admin specific processors. Below is a list of processors available in the admin out of the box:

Broadleaf Open Admin Processors (comes with the core framework)

Name Component Name Class
component_id blAdminComponentIdProcessor AdminComponentIdProcessor
admin_field_builder blAdminFieldBuilderProcessor AdminFieldBuilderProcessor
admin_module blAdminModuleProcessor AdminModuleProcessor
admin_section_href blAdminSectionHrefProcessor AdminSectionHrefProcessor
admin_user blAdminSecurityService AdminSecurityService
errors blErrorsProcessor ErrorsProcessor

In addition to the core framework processors, there are additional admin processors available in other modules (if you are license to use these modules):

Enterprise Processors (come with the Enterprise module)

Name Component Name Class
admin_asset_selector_url blAdminAssetSelectorUrlProcessor AdminAssetSelectorUrlProcessor
sandboxes blAdminSandBoxProcessor AdminSandBoxProcessor

Enterprise Processors (come with the MultiTenant module)

Name Component Name Class
catalogs blAdminCatalogProcessor AdminCatalogProcessor
profiles blAdminProfileProcessor AdminProfileProcessor