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Deploying a .war file

Broadleaf is configured by default to build an executable .jar file. If you would like to build a .war file suitable to deploy on a servlet container or application server, see the Spring Boot documentation on how to change your project. You will need to perform those instructions on the 3 Spring Boot projects that Broadleaf comes with: admin, api, and site.

Where is my web.xml?

The Spring Boot docs reference extending from the SpringBootServletInitializer. This is all that is required for Servlet 3.0-compatible application servers and containers (which Broadleaf requires). Any other things that you would otherwise put in web.xml (like SessionContextListeners, ServletContextInitializers, Filters, etc) are automatically added to the running application by Spring Boot as long as they are Spring beans.

If you would still like to use a web.xml in an attempt to disable the automatic Servlet 3.0 classpath scanning or to keep things familiar see our docs.