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4.0 to 5.0 Search AppContext Migration

SOLR configuration

Below are steps to take for migrating Embedded and Standalone Solr instances. It is recommend to use the standalone Solr option (or SolrCloud), but we have provided migration steps for Embedded as well. The common steps to take for both options are follows:

  • Copy over schema.xml to your Solr servers' /conf folder

  • Copy over synonyms.txt to your Solr servers' /conf folder

  • In site/applicationContext.xml

    • Replace <bean id="blSearchService" class=""> with <bean id="blCatalogSolrConfiguration" class="">
    • Re-Add blSearchService as a self enclosed bean : <bean id="blSearchService" class=""/>

Using Embedded Solr

  • In site/applicationContext.xml you will want to include the following to your blCatalogSolrConfiguration bean:

    • <constructor-arg name="solrServer" value="solrhome" />
    • OR
    • <constructor-arg name="solrServer" value="path/to/solr/installation" />