Broadleaf Commerce for Non-Profit

Do good with great technology.

Doing good well is a tall order. Non-Profits and Education organizations alike face challenges such as consistent user experience, onboarding, and interface management.

Broadleaf provides access to source, making out-of-the-box framework functionality while implementing unique organizational feature customizations possible.


Innovate and Integrate

Ultilize innovation through integration and keep what you want and replace what you don't. Use what you already have and integrate what you don't across Broadleaf's application, APIs, or back-end Admin layers.

Time to Value

Attain a faster Time to Value in a cloud agnostic environment built for sustained innovation.

Limitless Possibilites

Customize and scale with limitless combinations of out-of-box and custom components.



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Optimized for SEO

The Broadleaf Commerce framework provides a number of SEO related features including the following.

  • SEO friendly URLs
  • SiteMap generation
  • Robots.txt maintenance
  • URL Redirect maintenance
  • SEO Meta-Data
  • Optimized CSS and JavaScript

Rich Content Management

Broadleaf Commerce provides a Content Management System with many out-of-the-box capabilities:

  • End-user managed static pages
  • Configure custom content types
  • UI for managing static pages, structured content, and images, and other assets
  • Targeting capability for structured content

Out-of-the-Box Functionality

Created to be customized or used right out of the box, Broadleaf provides deep functionality:

  • Quality of Service monitoring for both custom and default modules
  • Full target email open and link click tracking
  • Multi-catalog management
  • Sandboxing
  • Approval flows
  • Deployment to production


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