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Broadleaf Commerce SEO related concepts concerning Media Items


A Media item is generally a piece of graphical content such as an image or video. It is also sometimes refer to as a "Static Asset" or a "Media Asset". Media can play an important role in SEO when utilized correctly.

The Broadleaf Commerce framework allows SEO users to manage and create media assets that can be tied to things such as products, categories, content items, and other items on the site. SEO admin users can add and edit things such as the tags, alt-text, and other attributes of media assets to help improve the sit’s overall SEO.

Media Assets Admin Page

The Media Assets admin page is located under the Content Module and Media Asset Section.

Tabs Descriptions


General information where SEO Admin user describes characteristics about the Media Asset


see Audit Tab

General Tab

Here is where users can set the Name and alt-text of the Media Asset (if it is an image).

This tab also shows the File Details field group which shows information about the file uploaded.

Media List Grid Overview

Media List Grids are collections of media assets that have added "context" related fields/properties. These fields include title, alt-title, and Media Tags that can be leveraged for SEO purposes.

media list grid


Add a new Media Asset


Select the type of view


Remove the Media Asset


Edit the Media Asset