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Search Management: Search Facets

Introduction to Broadleaf Commerce Faceted Search.


Search Facets are fields or "facets" used to organize search results into different "categories" based upon the some sort of field or field value. Facets displayed also shows the number of items within the search results that match that category

Using the "Heat Clinic" demo as an example; an admin user can create a "Heat Range" search facet that will show a list of all different "Heat Range" values and how many products are matched to each value.

Example results could be something like the following:

Heat Range Value Number of products with value


3 products


5 products


1 product

Search Facet Admin Page

The Search Facet admin page is located under the Search Admin Module and Facets Section.

Depending on what framework version and customization has been done, the Facets Admin page can have the following tabs

Tabs Descriptions


General information where SEO Admin user describes characteristics about the Search Facet

Dependent Facets

Set other facets that are dependent upon the current one. Media Asset


see Audit Tab

General Tab

SEO admin users can set the basic attributes that define the Search Facet. Depending on the version of the framework and any customization; here are some of the fields that can be set on the General Tab.

Note: Red text denotes required field

Field Name Description


Internal name used to reference the facet


The label that appears on the site/webpage


Which `Field' should the facet be based upon.

Use Facet Ranges

This flag determines whether the facet is split amongst ranges. For example, a ranged facet could be "prices between $0.00 and $4.00".

Facet Type

Indicates that this facet will show on searches originating from the search box (as opposed to category based searches)

Allow Multi-Select

Determines whether multiple values from this facet can be selected at the same time

Facet Order

Indicates the relative order for this facet when displayed with other facets

Dependent Facets

A type of hierarchy for Search Facets is implemented by setting facets as dependent of each other.

The REQUIRE ALL DEPENDENT FACETS field is used to indicate that all dependent facets, as listed in the Required Facets List, must be present in order for the current facet to be displayed.