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Merchandising Offers


Introduction to the Broadleaf Commerce Offer system.


The Broadleaf Commerce framework provides a powerful and extensible offer system. Among the many types offers supported are:

Tiered Offers

Allows admin users to setup an offer that gives a different amount based on the quantity being ordered. For example, the system support offers that would allow a customer get 5% off if buying 1-9 and 10% off if buying more than 10.

Timezone specific offers

Admin users can create offers that provide a discount in a specific timezone. Users can even have a rolling offer that is valid for a time range like 5pm - 6pm in the timezone of the customer.

Customer Based Offers

Admin users can create offers that target a particular set of customers that are defined by a Customer Segment.

Category and Product Based Offers

Admin user can create offers that target a particular Catagory or a particular set of products defined by a Product Group.

Offer Admin Page

Tabs Descriptions


General information where Admin user describes characteristics about the Offer


Where Admin user can add marketing content around an Offer


Where Admin user can add, edit, and delete Offer Codes for an Offer


Holds fields pertaining to more complex use-cases for offers.


see Audit Tab


The "General" tab contains different Field Groups where users can set important offer characteristic such as

Field Group Description


Specify things such as a name for an Offer and the type of the Offer (e.g. Percent Off item(s), Percent off Order, Item Discount, etc.)

Items to Receive Discount

Users create the rule that determines which item(s) are eligible for the Offer


Determine the date and time an offer is valid

Which Customers can view offer

Restrict the offer to a specific group of customers using Customer Segments

Combinability and Stackability

Determine if Offer can be stacked or combined with other Offers


Set limitations and restrictions on the Offer such as max uses and minimum order subtotal


The Out-of-box admin application allows Admin users to create special marketing messages that can be displayed to customers when they use an Offer

Offer Codes

Offer Codes are special codes merchandising admin users can you in order to activate , or use, offers.

Offer Codes can be created and added through a couple different ways.

  1. Offer Codes can be manually created and added to an Offer from the Codes tab of the Offer Admin Page

  2. Offer Codes can be automatically generated by navigating to the Offer Code Admin Section located under the "Pricing" Admin Module


Out-of-box the admin application provides for the handling of more "advanced" offer criteria and situation such as

  • How should the offer prorate?

  • Should Offer discounts apply to Product Add-ons ?

  • Should Offer discount apply to items already on sale?