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Basics Auditing

Tracking Changes

The Enterprise version of Broadleaf includes advanced audit features which allow an Admin User to track the different changes and alterations of items


The Admin application allows users to track and audit changes to the site in a couple of ways.

Name Brief Description

see which admin user made the latest changes on an Admin Page

Shows all changes that were made during a Workflow Event

Shows all the Workflow events that have occurred on the site

Allows ability to generate an audit report

Audit Tab

This Tab shows when the item was created, who created it. The tab also shows the date the item was last updated and by whom.

Change Details

Change Details show the details surrounding a particular Change Event. These details sometime include information of specific changes to fields and shows their previous value.

Change History

A list of all Change Details

Workflow Audit

The Workflow Audit is a mechanism by which admin users can view a detailed audit report of a selected number of workflow events; or, the user can generate a downloaded audit log that contains detailed information surrounding the selected Workflow events.

The Workflow audit is a very helpful tool when attempting to debug and document errors that happen while using the admin application.