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Admin Workflow: Promotion and Approval

The Enterprise version of Broadleaf provides the ability for all changes to be filtered through an approval process. The approval process allows a supervisor to approve or reject changes with notes for internal review.

Workflow Overview

The general Admin workflow for an item is as follows.

Step 1. Item is changed (or created) locally.
Step 2. Once Admin User is satisfied with the change, they "promote" the change to the "Approval Sandbox" where that change can be reviewed by a supervisor before it goes live on the site.
Step 3. An Admin User with approval privilege will then either approve the requested change and schedule it for deployment, or will reject the change and send it back to that change author for more changes.

These general steps are what we call Workflow States

Workflow States

An item, or its fields, is usually is one of four Workflow States.

Local change state

Change only exist and is seen by the admin who changed it.

Promoted change state

Change has been promoted and escalated to the Approval Sandbox for all admin users to see. These changes are not "live" on site until an Admin Approver approves and deploys the change.

Production state

Entity , or field, as it is currently seen "live" on the site.

Rejected state

Requested change has been rejected by the reviewer.

Workflow State Indicators

The Admin tries to provides visual cues of the current Workflow State that a particular changed item is in. One way it does this is by placing different colored highlighted indicator icons next to the item dependent upon its current Workflow State.

Local Change Indicatior

Local Change

Promoted Change Indicator

promote indicator

New Created Item Indicator

new item

Rejected Item Indicator

rejected item

In addition to these indicator icons, the Sandbox Bar will also display a message to help indicate the current Workflow State of a given item (see Sandbox Bar Messages).

Promote Changes

Once a Admin user is finished making a change, that change can then be "Promoted". Promoted changes are then escalated from the user’s local sandbox, to the approval sandbox. User changes can be promoted from either the Sandbox bar (Figure 5), or from the user’s My Changes Admin Section (Figure 6).

Promote from Sandbox Bar

sandbox bar local actions

Promote from My Changes Admin Section

my change nav

Approve Changes

Once a change has been promoted, it is submitted to a supervisor who can either approve or reject the proposed change. Changes can also be approved from either the Sandbox Bar where the change was made (Figure 7), or from the user’s Approvals Admin Section (Figure 8)

Approval from Sandbox Bar

sandbox bar promoted actions

PApproval from Approval Admin Section

approval nav