Broadleaf has been leading Custom Enterprise Commerce solutions for a decade now, with many well known brands making up over 40 active Enterprise clients today. Through each custom commerce solution delivered, the ability for Broadleaf clients to deeply customize every area of the platform needed while having access to Broadleaf’s source have led to much more rapid development.

Custom Enterprise Commerce

Broadleaf clients are truly able to ‘own’ their solution, keeping the best of both worlds in building their own platforms leveraging Broadleaf as a base, with 24x7 Support and ongoing updates for all of Broadleaf’s licensed clients.

This culture of solution ownership, high performance, rapid development, and deep customization continues with the introduction of Broadleaf’s Microservice-based platform.

Why Microservices

Over the past few years, companies like Netflix and Amazon have brought to the forefront a Microservice-based architectural pattern allowing discreet services to be performant and scalable, allowing for a truly Agile, or iterative upgrade and maintenance path for solutions which also leads to better performance, troubleshooting and speed of development.

Why Broadleaf Microservices

Added to these benefits in a Commerce setting, Broadleaf continues to leverage Java and Spring, adding Spring Boot to the mix, not only rearchitecting Broadleaf’s application from the ground up using Microservice-based patterns, but also rearchitecting our Administrative console in React, while leveraging the 10 years we have of working with Metadata-driven Admins to bring what we believe is a best-of-breed solution that can run not only Broadleaf, but also other third party Microservices in a single environment.

And across the entire stack, any level - whether the application, administrative console, or deployment options - can be customized to meet Enterprise-level problems, allowing business to have a faster Time to Value in a cloud agnostic environment.

If you’re ready to geek out on the tech, check out our Architecture or Admin webinars - and if you’re ready to work Broadleaf Microservices into your next eCommerce platform please reach out - we love working on this stuff and trust you will as well!