Customize and Deploy Your Way

Deploy granularly or combined course-grained services with little effort. Leverage and customize part or all of Broadleaf’s Microservice stack.
  • Work with independently scalable microservices
  • Determine how you want to deploy - combining several microservices into a single container and database, broken out as independent microservices, or a mix based on your specific business and technical needs
  • Leveraging Broadleaf’s React-based administrative console, multiple microservices can be managed through a single user interface, even when separately deployed

Microservices for quick delivery, iteratively replaced at your discretion

Use what you want, or incrementally move your existing platform to a microservices architecture. Adopt services and sunset portions of your legacy platform in a way that is less disruptive to your business.
Cloud Ready

Cloud Native

Architected from the ground up to be cloud friendly and best-of-breed, better together with a single React-based administrative console.
Rapid Development

Rapid Development

Start up the stack and run immediately, then introduce your own key decisions - change what you want, when you want.
Deep Customization

Deep Customization

Broadleaf microservices provide a clear path to override any of our components, configuration, and/or security.
Cassie Gaston
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Cassandra Gaston, Customer Success at Broadleaf