Are you in a rut with your eCommerce platform provider? Maybe you have been with them for years, but odds are that your company isn’t the same as it was when you started this journey. You need room to grow and thrive as an online business. You need a platform that will grow with you.

The landscape of eCommerce is constantly shifting. Mobile spending is up, Google’s SEO Index is changing, and the trends and services your company needed a few years ago are drastically different than what modern online businesses need now. With the vast changes in eCommerce technologies and trends, it’s vital that your provider has the tools you need to stay on top of your space.

The more that eCommerce changes, the more online stores need a solution that is easily customizable for their specific needs. Every online business is different, and resistance to change can hinder both your customer experience as well as your bottom line. If you have been with your provider for years and are mostly happy, but still want to keep up with changing trends, spice things up with modular eCommerce.

With Broadleaf Commerce, everything is customizable. The framework is built to accommodate specific business types, so there doesn’t have to be any guesswork with what your company can do online. The Broadleaf framework is based on open-source technologies, with clearly defined extension points. This gives you the ability to extend any entity, add your own custom entities, integrate to any existing business system, or replace/extend any service, you can even create custom controllers. From your catalog to search or even offer management, you can reignite your business piece by piece.

Changing things up with your current platform can be uncomfortable, but necessary for the health of your organization. Implementing new modules with your current system that can scale with your company could be the difference between a good future and a great future for your business.

If you are thinking about spicing things up with your current provider, take a look at Broadleaf and request a 1:1 demo of the framework or contact Broadleaf to tell us more about your eCommerce needs.