The holiday season typically means seasonal sales and promotions, and increased site traffic for online retailers - a joyous time for everyone! But retailers facing the unfortunate event of a site crash are left in the cyber cold. It’s 2017; holiday site crashes should not still happen.

Let’s review the ghosts of Black Fridays past:

  • 2014: Best Buy traffic spikes, bringing the site down for an hour
  • 2015: Neiman Marcus and Target sites buckle under the weight of heavy traffic
  • 2016: Macy’s and Old Navy sites have intermittent outages

There is no public data to confirm how much revenue was lost for these companies on those holiday site crashes, as well as the effects of losing some customers permanently. With mobile shopping and online shopping on a steady rise with consumers, it is imperative that retailers have a framework that can support traffic spikes of all sizes with strategies to improve response times, throughput, and performance.

If you are thinking about your next steps to keep up with site traffic in eCommerce with the ghost of Black Friday’s present, take a look at Broadleaf and request a 1:1 demo of the framework or contact Broadleaf to tell us more about your eCommerce needs.