Optimizing the customer experience retains customers and boosts your bottom line. Offers and Promotions are a great start to achieve this, and having Cart Rules as well as Product Add-Ons enhance the customer experience.

Broadleaf’s Cart Rules allow the automatic manipulation of a customer cart based on recently added items or current state of the cart. For example, adding an item to the cart can trigger a BOGO offer without any further customer action.. Without Cart Rules, the customer would have to place the free item in their cart manually.

Broadleaf’s Admin further gives you the ability to define Cart Rule timing and associated customer action. For example, when a BOGO item is removed from the cart, the BOGO offer immediately disappears as well, so the customer does not have to remove it themselves.

Product-Add Ons are another feature with Broadleaf that optimize the customer experience. Product Add-Ons are a set of items intended to be sold with a given product, allowing configurable products and bundles.

Bundles can be built manually by a merchandiser, or the customer can be given the power to choose a configurable bundle. For example, if you want to bundle a shirt with three hot sauces for a set price, the customer can choose a shirt as well as the size they need with any combination of sauces in the group.

Prohibiting identical items in one bundle is easy as well. With the shirt example above, Broadleaf offers the ability to make sure the customer selects a shirt once on a three item bundle. Broadleaf gives both merchandisers and customers the convenience to customize within the parameters your business sets. After all, technology should adapt to business process, not vice versa.

If you’d like to know more about how Broadleaf can optimize the experience of your online business, request a 1:1 demo of the platform or contact Broadleaf to tell us more about your eCommerce needs.