Maximizing your customer experience through offers and promotions may help you make the sale, but the process that occurs once the order is placed is crucial. A streamlined order management system is what makes the difference between a one-time sale and a return customer.

Broadleaf’s Order Management System (OMS) offers a rich post-sale process for both customers and customer service representatives with features including blocked orders, fraud alerts, “shop as guest”, and returns. The system also integrates with many popular fulfillment carriers, including UPS, USPS and FedEx, to allow for order tracking and receive package updates.

Customer service representatives (CSRs) are never hard-pressed to locate an order with Broadleaf’s powerful search capabilities. Powered by SOLR, CSRs can quickly find orders through features like customizable search fields that include order number, amount, SKU, customer name, and email. For example, if an order is blocked due to an invalid address, your customer service team can quickly access the order and contact the customer to correct and resume the order.

To improve customer satisfaction, the CSR can even shop as a guest to initialize order on behalf of the customer. If a customer found an item that your business offers on a competitors website and your business price matches, a CSR can add that item to their cart and override the standard price to price match. That customer can then log into their profile and see the item with the matched price in their cart, but will not be able to edit the price themselves.

Returns are an unfortunate reality in every business, but they can have a huge impact on customer retention. With Broadleaf’s OMS, if an item needs to be returned, the process can be easily initiated by either the customer or the CSR. Once an item is returned, Broadleaf’s OMS has return confirmation that supports real time auto-refund calculations with shipping cost override capabilities, making online returns far less painful for both the consumer and your CSR team.

If you’d like to know more about Broadleaf’s OMS for your online business, request a 1:1 demo of the platform or contact Broadleaf to tell us more about your eCommerce needs.