I'm excited to announce some significant changes to the way that we interact with the Broadleaf community!

Stack Overflow for Community Questions

Have questions about Broadleaf? Post them to Stack Overflow and use the broadleaf-commerce tag. For the past several years, our team has passively monitored Stack Overflow and also maintained a community forum on our website. We find that Stack Overflow is a much better experience and have decided to abandon our custom forums. This will allow our team to spend more time responding to community questions. We've officially retired the old forums but will keep the content archived here.

Community Source Now Available on GitHub

The Broadleaf Commerce framework is made up of dozens of repositories. Many of these are provided under the Broadleaf Fair Use License and others are provided as part of our commercial offerings. For our community offerings, we have switched to public GitHub repositories. We still recommend using our Getting Started documentation to get up and running with a local project but we also recognize that it is helpful to use the GitHub tooling to view the source and commit history. This is a change to our previous position which involved delaying releases for up to one year to the GitHub public repositories. The Broadleaf Fair Use License enables us to share more with the community and we look forward adding more modules to the community list over time. It is also important to note that commercial customers automatically receive full source code for Broadleaf including our commercial-only modules. At Broadleaf, we don't believe in black boxes.

Centralized GitHub Issue Repository

Found an issue with Broadleaf? We've created a new public GitHub Issues repository where you can submit issues and feature requests across any area of the platform.

Summary of ways to interact with Broadleaf

Additional FAQs

I found a problem. Where should I open an issue?

The public Issues repo. Even if it seems that this is an issue in a specific repository (for instance, you found a bug in the Paypal module), since we distribute the majority of Broadleaf in a modular way, it is likely that the issue resolution will result in changes that span multiple repositories. A general issue allows us to combine these different fixes together.

I have a problem and see the solution. How can I contribute?

First of all, thanks for contributing to Broadleaf! We really appreciate you putting your time into improving the framework and will ensure your effort is given proper attention. Send us a pull request in the repository where the code is with an explanation of what was wrong and how you fixed it. We will add the PR to our normal workflow. To consider significant changes, we may need you to fill out a committer agreement.

I have a question about how to do something. Where do I ask it?

Depending on the nature and immediacy of the problem, you can open a question with the broadleaf-commerce tag on Stack Overflow, kick off a discussion on Google Groups, or ping us on our public Gitter chat room. Our team (and other community members) will be monitoring these channels.

What about commercial support?

While everyone has access to the above public means of communication, customers that have purchased a support agreement will continue to use support@broadleafcommerce.com. This channel will be subject to our service level agreements and prioritized over all others.