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Broadleaf Overhauls Community Support

By Phillip Verheyden

Broadleaf is making several changes that will benefit the community. These include moving forum questions to Stack Overflow and issue management back to GitHub.

Broadleaf Commerce Announces New Community License

By Brian Polster

As of version 4.2 of the Broadleaf Commerce Framework, we are officially changing our Community License from Apache 2 to the the “Broadleaf Commerce Fair Use License”.

Broadleaf with Groovy and Gradle - Part 2

By Phillip Verheyden

In part 2 of my dive into Groovy and Gradle, this post talks about the actual implementation of a Rackspace Cloud Files file provider using the Groovy language.

Broadleaf with Groovy and Gradle - Part 1

By Phillip Verheyden

This is the first post in a 2-part series detailing my experience with writing a Broadleaf file provider module for Rackspace Cloud Files. Rather than using Maven and vanilla Java, I wrote the module using Gradle to build the Groovy implementation code. This first part details the Gradle configuration required with some details about how that compares to using a Maven pom.xml.