Broadleaf Commerce was the selected platform and was able to accommodate LLUSTRE's unique business model with short flash sales events, management of perishable consignment inventory, European currencies, a unique social credit system, and flexible promotions - all within a six week timeframe.

LLUSTRE Design Ltd, a United Kingdom-based eCommerce company specializing in design and home decor, recently launched its fully customized enterprise open source eCommerce site just weeks after the project commenced with partner, Broadleaf Commerce. LLUSTRE was challenged to implement its eCommerce offering in just six weeks to meet obligations to its customers and shareholders. LLUSTRE selected US-based Broadleaf Commerce, an enterprise open source eCommerce framework, as the technology platform and utilized its consulting and implementation services. The Broadleaf Commerce team was able to overcome several challenges, including the short six-week timeframe, LLUSTRE's unique business model, European currencies, and working remotely with a new business partner.

"Broadleaf Commerce needed to accommodate LLUSTRE's business model with short flash sales events, management of perishable consignment inventory, European currencies, a unique social credit system, flexible promotions, and processes to generate purchase orders and warehouse instructions," said Kelly Tisdell, Vice President at Broadleaf Commerce.

LLUSTRE offers its members the opportunity to discover exciting designs for their home via online design events. Each sales event features a mix of carefully curated products at members-only prices. Customers have a limited time to check out after adding inventory to their shopping carts or the cart will empty. The expiring shopping cart reserves limited inventory on consignment and automatically makes that inventory available again to other customers in the event that it is not purchased.

"Excellent communication between teams, and LLUSTRE's clear vision and ability to make quick decisions enabled the Broadleaf Commerce team to quickly and effectively implement the business requirements. Trust between both teams was established enabling everyone to be more efficient," said Tisdell.

"We learned a lot from this engagement," said Brian Polster, President at Broadleaf Commerce. "With integrated teams working on shared code, it is important to fully define overlapping responsibility areas such as end-to-end QA, performance testing, and deployment."

About LLUSTRE Design Ltd

LLUSTRE Design Ltd. is a privately owned United Kingdom-based eCommerce company. LLUSTRE discovers and sells the best in design for the home and offers limited edition online sales events each day. Members are given access to exclusive and limited run pieces, and the opportunity to purchase at up to 70% off the recommended retail price. Merging best in class ecommerce functionality with social discovery, gamification, and high quality editorial content, LLUSTRE will be the best place to discover great design for your home. For additional information, visit