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Mustache: Effective Parallel Web Development Using Logic-less Templates

By Elbert Bautista

Having successfully completed an extremely fast and agile Java e-commerce project recently, I thought it would be fitting to share some of my thoughts on the process, patterns, and technologies that were used.

New Website for Best-Kept Secret, Plantas Shoes, Powered by Broadleaf

By Broadleaf

Plantas Shoes, the top-quality Italian artisan footwear brand, has announced the launch of its UK online store. The new site, powered by Broadleaf Commerce, brings the unparalleled quality of Plantas products to the global market.

Realtime Partners With eCommerce Provider, Broadleaf Commerce

By Broadleaf

Broadleaf Commerce, the open-source, enterprise-ready eCommerce solution company has partnered with Realtime, the worldwide leader in real-time cloud messaging, allowing eCommerce business owners to monitor and interact with visitors while they shop online - more closely mimicking the brick-and-mortar experience.

Preventing Session Hijacking With Spring

By Broadleaf

In this article, we'll cover some of the issues surrounding session fixation attacks, common exploits, various protection mechanisms against it, and also how Broadleaf handles this interesting security problem.

Deploying Broadleaf Commerce 2.0 on Amazon Elastic Beanstalk

By Elbert Bautista

In this tutorial, we'll show you how to deploy the Broadleaf Demo to Amazon Elastic Beanstalk. If you don't have the Broadleaf Demo already built and ready to go, please follow the Getting Started tutorial first.

Why your eCommerce site should integrate with Spring Social

By Elbert Bautista

Despite the recent departure of Eran Hammer, one of the lead authors and editors, from the OAuth 2.0 specification with what would seem to be a crippling end to the very popular protocol, the OAuth 2.0 Sky is in fact NOT falling.

Securing Thymeleaf Forms Against CSRF Attacks in Broadleaf Commerce

By Broadleaf

Security is one of my favorite topics, and I really enjoy working with it any chance I get. Recently, I wanted to establish a really easy way to secure Broadleaf Commerce against CSRF attacks.

Broadleaf Continues to Choose The Spring Framework over EJB 3

By Kelly Tisdell

There's an old saying that it's bad manners to talk politics and religion. It's likely true that the same can be said for discussing which enterprise application development framework is the best - Spring or Java EE 6.

Ganz, Maker of WebKinz, Relaunches its eCommerce Engine with Broadleaf Commerce and Credera to Accommodate Virtual and Physical Currencies

By Broadleaf

Ganz, the maker of Webkinz, recently relaunched its eStore with Broadleaf Commerce, an enterprise open source ecommerce platform, and Credera, the implementation partner.

UK-based LLUSTRE Design Ltd launches with Broadleaf Commerce

By Broadleaf

Broadleaf Commerce was the selected platform and was able to accommodate LLUSTRE's unique business model with short flash sales events, management of perishable consignment inventory, European currencies, a unique social credit system, and flexible promotions - all within a six week timeframe.

Broadleaf Commerce's lead architect, Jeff Fischer participates in webinar with Terracotta on memory management

By Broadleaf

Jeff Fischer, chief architect of Broadleaf Commerce, spoke with Terracotta on the topic of memory management.

The Container Store Debuts New Website Powered by Broadleaf Commerce

By Broadleaf

The Container Store, the nation's originator and leading retailer of storage and organization products, has announced the re-launch of its website powered by Broadleaf Commerce.

The Container Store, a National Retailer, Selects Broadleaf Commerce as Its eCommerce Solution

By Broadleaf

The Container Store selects Broadleaf Commerce for its low cost, extensibility, and leading edge framework and technologies.