Be Modular, and Adaptable

Designed to work independently, integrate anywhere, and combine to provide accretive value, Broadleaf’s microservice-based modular features are deployed to fit your exact business needs.

Now you can take a standalone, iterative, or big bang implementation approach to your eCommerce platform, with the ability to compose or decompose Microservices in your own environment, defining your own best-of-breed path to market both now and in the future.



Independently Scalable

Performance, infrastructure cost, and regulatory/privacy concerns are easily addressed by individual Broadleaf microservices being separated from other solution components. From demand spikes to regional deployments, we’ve got you covered.

Custom Composability

Combine any number of Broadleaf microservices into a single container and single database, or decompose services into their own bounded context. Our modular features provide unparalleled deployment flexibility.

Better Together

Made to interoperate as well as work independently, features like sandboxing, customer targeting, team collaboration and deployment workflows work even better together. Are you ready to take the next step in your Commerce journey?

PIM / Catalog Management

Whether looking for Product Information Management (PIM) feature sets to include product, category, catalog, merchandising or marketing feature sets, our PIM / Catalog Management modular features have you covered. Find out more about how you can handle:

  • Catalog Management Mastery
  • PIM Outside the Box
  • Playing Nice in the Sandbox
  • Multi-Everything
  • Working Better Together

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Product Management

Cart & Checkout

At the core of commerce, our Cart & Checkout modular features allow for all the modern complexities of commerce with a unified multi-channel capability. Take a deeper look at our market leading:

  • Cart Composability
  • Checkout Customizations
  • Performant Scalability

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Shopping Cart

Pricing, Offers & Promos

Customer and account targeting is just the beginning in determining how to best incent the buying behavior you want through any channel. Broadleaf’s Pricing, Offers and Promotions feature the best engine in the industry for:

  • Offers & Discounts
  • Personalized Ad Targeting
  • Promo Codes
  • Price List Management
  • Contract Management

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Promo Codes

Subscriptions & Entitlements

More than a subscription product, our Subscription and Entitlements modular features allow you to build your own Subscription platform. Discover how you can take the lead with:

  • Incentives to Customers with Promotions
  • Reduced Churn and Increased Conversions
  • Facilitating Customer Satisfaction
  • Managing Digital Entitlements
  • Accessing Anywhere
  • Distributing Everywhere
  • Leveraging Integrations

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Manage Digital Entitlements

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