Omnichannel Commerce Solution

Broadleaf is an ideal platform for omnichannel retailers needing to provide an online experience that keeps up with their offline brand. Broadleaf is the only commerce framework designed for customization; this allows retailers to build the online experiences that differentiate them from the pack.

Combine Multi-Store capabilities with all of the Digital Experience Platform features Broadleaf has to offer, from search and targeted content, to responsive catalog management, Broadleaf has you covered.

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Omnichannel Features

Combine Omnichannel capabilities with all of the digital experience platform (DXP) features Broadleaf has to offer, from search and targeted content to responsive catalog management.

Be Found

With Store Selection & Store Location Capabilities, allow users to select their favorite store and manage store data directly in Broadleaf’s unified administration tool or integrate with existing store systems.

  • Integrate with Google Maps or other mapping technology to help your customers easily find the nearest store.
  • Use that store for targeted pricing, discounts, ads, and stock lookups.
Broadleaf Omnichannel Be Found Feature

Flexible Administration

Broadleaf’s role- based admin supports the ability to allow store managers to maintain data about their store including the basics like store hours.

  • More powerful usages include the ability for stores to provide targeted messaging and promotions to customers who have selected their store.
Broadleaf Omnichannel Flexible Administration Feature

Omnichannel Integration

Bridge digital and brick-and-mortar experiences with a system that enables customers to shop whenever, wherever. No longer worry about your platform’s ability to tie into your existing internal systems, with Broadleaf Commerce, out-of-box API integrations are a breeze.

  • Integrate with store systems to provide store-specific inventory and pricing.
  • Allow shoppers to buy online, pick-up instore, or both within the same cart.
  • Tie into your existing internal systems, with Broadleaf Commerce out-of-box APIs.
Broadleaf Omnichannel Integration Feature

Multi-Channel Marketing

Build brand loyalty with omnichannel experiences exclusively tailored for your audiences.

  • Create customer segments and deliver targeted offers based on an unlimited number of stackable parameters - including geography, site searches, order history, items in cart, loyalty status, and order totals.
  • Define content zones and assign rules for displaying custom landing pages, content items, media assets, and more.
  • Assist on-site browsing with Smart Search, providing type-ahead, mistype corrections, and the ability to search products based on ranges.
Broadleaf Omnichannel Marketing Feature
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