Enterprise eCommerce Features

Broadleaf provides the most sought-after eCommerce functionality for supporting B2C, B2B, Marketplace, Multi-Site, Multi-Tenant and API Commerce at the best value in the market. Every solution can be customized to ensure your eCommerce site is tailored to your specific requirements. Robust functionality within a lightweight framework lend to some of the characteristics that cause Broadleaf to stand out from the rest. Never feel restricted by a features list again.

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Scalability & Extensibility

No two businesses are exactly alike – and it's likely your business system requirements will evolve over time. As the leading system for streamlined customization, the Broadleaf framework is based on open source technologies, with clearly defined extension points. Feel free to extend any entity, add your own custom entities, integrate to any existing business system, or replace/extend any service, DAO – even create custom controllers.

Scalability & Extensibility Framework Feature

Custom Fields

With the ability to add or extend your own custom fields with just a few clicks in the admin interface, custom controllers mean there’s no limit to the additional attributes you can assign to customers and products. Take a look at the Broadleaf code base and explore the Broadleaf tech stack to discover why developers choose Broadleaf.

Rackspace Study, Broadleaf Framework

Broadleaf's Enterprise Edition has been battle tested and proven to be performant at the highest volumes proven in a Scalability study done in connection with Rackspace. Check out the study or view the Broadleaf tech stack.


Broadleaf's Enterprise Edition license includes 24/7 professional support with service license agreements (SLAs) guaranteeing response times and mutually defined best practices for problem notification and escalation procedures. With a 97% "Great Response" rating, the Broadleaf team is trusted by industry-leading brands for support when things go bump in the night.