Enterprise eCommerce Features

Broadleaf provides the most sought-after eCommerce functionality for supporting B2C, B2B, Marketplace, Multi-Site, Multi-Tenant and API Commerce at the best value in the market. Every solution can be customized to ensure your eCommerce site is tailored to your specific requirements. Robust functionality within a lightweight framework lend to some of the characteristics that cause Broadleaf to stand out from the rest. Never feel restricted by a features list again.

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Content Management System (CMS)

In addition to the basic management of products and catalog information, Broadleaf provides a WYSIWYG editor to manage items such as blogs and other pre-defined content pages. In fact, we run Broadleaf's website on our own CMS!

Workflow & Approval

Every content and workflow change in Broadleaf is able to filter through approval process internally so a supervisor can approve or reject changes with notes for internal review. With a single hub for changing website content and commenting internally (with audit-ability), Broadleaf simplifies website management processes.

Targeted Content

Using a WYSIWYG interface that also accepts markdown, Broadleaf's content editing capabilities can be set at page or widget level, with the ability to setup structured fields for content and full page layouts. Content can further be displayed based on Broadleaf's powerful targeting engine, the Broadleaf CMS ensures your personalized content reaches the optimal customer segment.

Sandbox Environments

Do more. Faster. Create, collaborate, preview, and schedule automated deployments – without the help of IT. Deal with seasonal merchandise rotations? Deploy the season’s newest merchandise in tandem with new site content, new markdowns on last season’s merchandise, and new graphics promoting it all.