The new SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) regulations have tested the agility of European eCommerce market systems. In an effort to help sync payment processing systems, businesses accepting Direct Debit or Credit Transactions in the Euro Zone will need to follow the new SEPA-compliant guidelines by the recently extended date of August 1, 2014.

Facing this challenge has presented a unique opportunity for businesses to evaluate their current eCommerce platform solution - has transitioning been an easy process or have there been challenges? Are businesses ready and able to handle the additional cross-border web traffic? What will happen if future regulations are rolled out? Are companies prepared to quickly adapt? According to a recent Steria report,only 3% of British businesses expected to be SEPA compliant by the original February 2014 deadline, citing costly migration and disruption of business activities.

"We're aware of how fast the market tends to transition," stated Kelly Tisdell, VP Development and Professional Services at Broadleaf Commerce. "When building Broadleaf Commerce, it was important to make sure we created a platform not only for the needs of today, but also a platform designed to adapt for ever-changing global commerce needs. The new SEPA regulations are a prime example of how the arena continues to morph, and odds are this won't change anytime soon." Broadleaf integrations have already taken place with payment solutions that comply with SEPA regulations, including CyberSource Direct Debt Service, Sentential Direct Debits, and SAGEPay SEPA Payments. Designed for integration and customization, plugging new payment processors into the robust open source framework is a streamlined process for IT teams.

Elbert Bautista, Broadleaf Commerce Software Architect, addressed SEPA regulations head-on in his blog titled, "Implications of SEPA on Your eCommerce Business and How Broadleaf Can Help". In the piece, Bautista walks eCommerce business owners through the new sets of standards and provides suggested solutions that address the three main focus areas - SEPA Direct Debits (SDD), SEPA Credit Transfers (SDD), and SEPA Card Framework (SCG).

Broadleaf currently provides the eCommerce solution for a number of European businesses, including SuperDirect and Glittio. Broadleaf also partners with SagePay and CyberSource to provide preferred payment solutions. For questions about the new regulations and how Broadleaf can help you transition into the eCommerce market of tomorrow, please feel free to visit

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